Privacy Policy

AM CHEF Catering Pte. Ltd. values your privacy. This Privacy Policy outlines the details of how we treat your personal information gathered via our website.

Information Collection
We do not use "cookies", "web-bugs" or any other tracking technologies to collect information from users of our web site.

Use, Disclosure & Retention of Information

Information or personal data gathered in AM CHEF Catering Pte. Ltd.'s website is used for specific business purposes as part of the professional services we provide to our clients online. They are used
  • i. to inform you of our new products and services
  • ii. to remind you of an upcoming special occasion of which you can engage in our services
  • iii. to anticipate and resolve any issues or feedback on our products and services

Information that we receive from you related to catering, event planning, dates, email addresses etc., will be kept confidential. We will not disclose, share, transfer or sell personally identifiable information to any third party.

We maintain the information that you provided us (name, address, email address, etc.) in our database.

This information will not be stored longer than the time necessary to carry out the catering services associated, unless the information is intended and permitted for use in marketing purposes such as promotions, email reminders etc.

AM CHEF Catering Pte. Ltd. regards the security of your personal information as paramount. To safeguard your privacy, appropriate security measures are in place to ensure your email address and other personal data remains free from unauthorized access or improper use.

In addition, AM CHEF Catering Pte. Ltd. will not send you emails that you have not agreed to receive. If you are a member of our mailing list, you may be sent promotions and notifications of our new products or services but you have the option to 'unsubscribe' from our mailing list at any time.

If you have any concerns or enquiries regarding our Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.